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Discover with us the wonders that nature offers near Santiago

Who we are: We are passionate about nature and its landscapes, but it is the love we have for Chilean territory we wish to spread thoughout this activity.

We are a French-Chilean couple and our goal is to share and to communicate this passion to our customers and to participate in the protection of this sensitive environment.

Alejandra’s word: Chilean, I’ve been working in Tourism in Santiago for 8 years as a hotel manager and I have always been fascinated by nature protection as a personal way of life. I have been following guide training courses from the National Mountain School of Chile to show and make people aware of the marvels of my country.

Fabien’s word: French, 8 years of international trade activities took me to many places in the world. My passion for hiking and trekking have finally driven me to follow the guide training courses from Chile’s National School of Mountain in order to fully devote myself to this passion and transmit it to others.

Our method: Our tours are selected in the most beautiful NATURAL sites of the region and our range of tours allows us to propose adapted tours to everyone according to their capacities and desires.
Besides our scheduled circuits, we will adapt ourselves and our excursions to your tastes and to your desires in order to suggest you tailor-made tours that shall bring you to the very moments of relaxation and discovery that will suit YOU.

A responsible and civic vision: Our tours take place in natural protected reserves so as to make our customers aware of the sensitive environment and bring them to a unique experience in the very heart of nature.

The food we provide in our tours is selected from small local producers and from organic farming when possible to bring you high quality products while adopting an ethical and supportive attitude towards the local economy.

To minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible, we select our waste and bring them to recycling companies. We use reusable containers which limit the use of plastic and paper.

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